The Magic Castle: An Enchanting Evening in the Heart of Hollywood

June 19, 2017California

From the moment I walked into the library-themed lobby of The Magic Castle, I was captivated, transported to another world that felt like time-traveling back to Old Hollywood. Red-and-pink Victorian-looking wallpaper, rich-toned wood moldings and old-fashioned floral carpets set a mood of quiet elegance in the dimly lit space. But it was the secret doorway … Read More

San Diego: Five Favorite Excursions from the Port

October 3, 2016California

When I first visited San Diego in the early 1990s, it struck me as a big small town. And now after calling America’s Finest City home for thirteen years, it still feels that way. San Diego is a city, to be sure, but it’s an easy place to get around, even with the phenomenal growth … Read More

San Francisco: Getting Around With Uber

May 16, 2016California

“How long have you been driving for Uber?” My husband’s question echoed from the back seat as we rode through the hills of San Francisco. We recently spent three days using Uber to get around the city, where our daughter Emily was moving to start a new job. We were there to help with the move, … Read More

Baseball Behind-the-Scenes: A Tour of Petco Park

February 9, 2016California

I thought there would be grass. This was baseball, after all, and even though it was February, it never occurred to me that the green fields of San Diego’s Petco Park would be replaced with mounds of…dirt. What I didn’t know was that on the weekend of our tour the park had been transformed into … Read More

The Great Escape Room: San Diego’s House of Hints

January 15, 2016California

“Mrs. Peacock did it in the Conservatory with the Candlestick?”  Well, not quite… I first heard of “escape rooms” while doing research on Bilbao, Spain, for an upcoming trip.  The premise sounded intriguing:  You are locked in a movie set-like room and must solve a mystery using puzzles and clues hidden in the room in … Read More

Meeting My Hero: A “Carpe Diem” Day Trip

January 7, 2016California

This is not a political post. It is a story of carpe diem, of saying “yes” when it would be much easier to say, “next time.” Some background: I’ve always been a big fan of Jimmy Carter. Ever since he campaigned in Des Moines when I was living there, I found him fascinating and inspirational…his … Read More