Notes from Home: Dear Paris, A Thank-You Note

November 11, 2021France, Notes from Home

“Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes the sun And I say it’s all right.” ~George Harrison, Here Comes the Sun I left Paris wanting to write a thank-you note. A curious idea, perhaps. But after being … Read More

A Visit to Giverny: Walking Through Monet’s Masterpiece Garden

November 8, 2021France

“Critic asks: ‘And what, sir, is the subject matter of that painting?’ The subject matter, my dear good fellow, is the light.” ~Claude Monet It’s a funny thing when you visit a place that has lived for so long in your imagination. The experience expands your mind and spirit, filling you with new insights, inspiration … Read More

Les Andelys, France: Cider, Calvados & Chateau Gaillard

November 4, 2021France

Les Andelys (pronounced An-de-lee) is a place that had never made itself known on my travel radar. But after spending some time here, I’m very happy to have made its acquaintance. The French commune of two parts – Grand-Andely and Petit-Andely – sits along a sweeping curve in the Seine River in a scenic part … Read More

Remembering D-Day: The Landing Beaches & Memorials of Normandy

November 1, 2021France

Rain was falling in a steady rhythm as we settled into our seats for the two-hour bus ride. It was the first stormy weather Herb and I had encountered since traveling in France, and in a way, it was a fitting backdrop for our somber destination. We were headed from the port of Caudebec-en-Caux to … Read More

Cruising the Seine: Views from the Top Deck & Life On Board

October 25, 2021France

“Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going.” ~Mary Oliver, At The River Clarion After our tour of Versailles, we were back on the riverboat, on our way to Rouen. The ms Sapphire would be cruising during daylight hours, and Herb and I were looking forward to spending the afternoon on … Read More

The Palace of Versailles: Gilded Grandeur & Glorious Gardens

October 21, 2021France

When it comes to palaces, it’s fairly safe to say that the Palace of Versailles is the gold standard. Two thousand three hundred rooms. A hall of mirrors. Two thousand acres of fountain-filled gardens. A Venetian-inspired Grand Canal, perfect for boating. Even a maze. And all that gold. It seems that whatever Louis XIV could … Read More

A Night at the Museum: The Louvre After Hours

October 14, 2021France

It was mid-afternoon when we boarded the ms Sapphire riverboat at a pier on the western end of Paris, and within a couple of hours we found ourselves heading back to the city. Herb and I had signed on with Tauck Tours for a seven-night cruise along the Seine River, with stops along the way … Read More