You’ve Got Mail: Post Offices Around the World

February 17, 2016Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Monaco

“Send me a postcard, drop me a line Stating point of view. Indicate precisely what you mean to say. Yours sincerely, wasting away.” ~Paul McCartney, When I’m Sixty-Four My great-grandparents ran the post office in a small Minnesota town in the early 1900s. I never had a chance to meet them or see where they … Read More

Special Access Tours: Going Beyond the Velvet Ropes

February 4, 2016England, Italy

Whenever I see the words “special access,” I get really excited. The promise of minimal crowds, a small group and a peek into a world beyond the typical tour is almost always worth the price of admission. Sometimes billed as skip the lines, early access, late admission or even secret access, these tours offer the … Read More

When Plans Change: Turning Lemons Into Limoncello in Naples

January 12, 2016Italy

You could almost hear the collective echo of disappointment throughout the ship when our captain announced that the Tyrrhenian Sea was too rough to anchor in Sorrento. Instead, we would be docking in Naples, about 14 nautical miles north, with some excursions cancelled and others continuing as planned. I, however, couldn’t believe our good fortune. … Read More