Notes from Home: Great Travel & Unexpected Moments

November 14, 2016Notes from Home

“All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.” ~Martin Buber A while ago, member brazilgirl asked if I had a favorite itinerary. It was a tough question and one that took me quite by surprise. The travel destination most on my mind is usually the journey I’m currently planning or … Read More

Notes from Home: Travel Packing 101

September 19, 2016Notes from Home

My friend Donna is a bit of a marvel when it comes to packing for travel. No matter how long the trip or where she is headed, she never checks a bag. Ever. From bicycling in Europe to a month-long journey through Australia, she and her husband carry everything with them, washing what they need … Read More

Notes from Home: Those Post-Travel Blues

June 13, 2016Notes from Home

“It is a strange thing to come home. While yet on the journey, you cannot at all realize how strange it will be.” ~Selma Lagerlöf I remember the feeling as if it happened yesterday. We were home from vacation – a four-day cruise off the coast of California – and I was standing at the … Read More

Notes from Home: On Writing

April 11, 2016Notes from Home

“After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same. After changes we are more or less the same.” ~Paul Simon, The Boxer A familiar feeling swept over me the other day as I was writing a blog post. Like a warm breeze of comfort, it swooped down out-of-the-blue and made me smile to … Read More

Notes from Home: Travel Planning 101

March 7, 2016Notes from Home

It happened quite by accident. I was planning our family’s first vacation abroad. It was a special trip for the four of us – one week in London, one week in Paris, a birthday celebration and my first time back in London since studying there in college. With guide books and maps laid out on the … Read More

Notes from Home: The Extroverted Traveler

February 25, 2016England, Notes from Home

“Extroverts have more fun.” ~Rick Steves Travel writer Rick Steves tucks a page of wisdom in the introduction section of his guide books. He calls it his “Back Door Travel Philosophy,” his thoughts on the value of travel and how it impacts our lives. But it’s paragraph five that I think is the real gem: … Read More

Notes from Home: On Cruising

January 31, 2016Notes from Home

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white, The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night. And I think to myself What a wonderful world.” ~Louis Armstrong, What A Wonderful World  I took my first cruise in the summer of 1994. It was a short, three-night affair on the Viking Serenade, a long-ago ship … Read More

Notes from Home: On Souvenirs

January 8, 2016Notes from Home

Souvenir:  from the French, “to remember.” Their memories dance across our Christmas tree, sparkling in the glow of the white lights. Like voices from Christmases Past, they stare out from the branches as if to say, “You remember when you found me, don’t you?  It was at that…” I quickly cut them off, because of course … Read More

Notes from Home: Beginning

January 2, 2016Notes from Home

It was early September 1974 when my college friend Jan and I arrived in London for our semester study abroad program. It was my first trip beyond the United States – with the exception of Canada, but growing up in Minnesota, I never counted Canada as “foreign” – and my first flight across the Atlantic. We … Read More