I’m excited to introduce a new page on The Modern Postcard! For quite some time, I’ve been wanting to pull together my favorite travel resources in one convenient spot. My plan has been to create a central clearinghouse of starting points and ideas that have served me well. The page would feature strategies I’ve discovered for making travel planning a little easier as well as places and experiences that have made our trips especially memorable.

I recently set to work going through travel files, notes and blog posts I’ve written, making lists of what I wanted to include in this new page. I created six categories that would encompass the topics I would cover. Once I had a framework, it became clear how to fill in the puzzle, keeping only the best of a seemingly endless amount of information.

Some of the resources you may recognize from previous posts; others are new to the blog. I’ve included website links for most of the sources and have written summaries and brief descriptions to give you an idea of why I’ve found them useful or interesting. If you’d like more information about a recommended place or a particular city, please check out my blog posts in the Categories sidebar on the main Blog page.

The Travel Resources page can be accessed directly on the Home page menu in the upper right-hand corner. I will periodically update information that may change and will be adding recommendations to the list whenever I discover somewhere new that deserves to be included.

I have personally used all the tour companies and have visited every place listed on the Travel Resources page. I have no affiliation with any of them…only a love of the experiences we’ve had there and a desire to share them with other travelers.

So without further ado, I present The Modern Postcard Travel Resources page:

The Modern Postcard Travel Resources


  • Hi Mary,

    I do a lot of traveling on tours and by myself. I am interested to see your posts and add my own comments when appropriate. Take a look at my Instagram.

    • Thank you, Elyse, and welcome to The Modern Postcard! I look forward to checking out your Instagram page 🙂

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